Very Funny “Andare”

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At the time of “Sinhala” Kings era, a person called “Andare” lived in Sri Lanka. He was the king’s jester. That means it was his job to make the king laugh. And make people laugh he could!

One day the queen said she wished to meet Andare’s wife. Andare quickly consented. But he said to the queen “Your Majestry, my old woman is slightly deaf so you must speak loudly when you talk to her”. The queen agreed.

And that cunning fellow Andare went home and told his wife that the queen was deaf!

The day queen asked to visit the palace; Andare took his wife to the queen and left from their vicinity. Then the queen was yelling from here and Andare’s wife was yelling from there!

Then what happened? The King came to them and asked reason for the yelling. When the King found the trick of Andare he laughed till tears came from his eyes.


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